It is important to us to ensure we are taking steps to reduce the environmental impact. To prove our commitment as responsible corporate citizens. We have achieved compliance to the most internationally recognized environmental standard, ISO 14001.

We are committed to managing our impact on the environment, through continual environmental improvement & pollution prevention and compliance to legal environmental legislation & regular compliance audits.

Ensuring we are doing everything we can to protect the environment is something we take seriously, and compliance to the internationally recognized environmental standard, ISO 14001, is part of this. We encourage and stress to our trusted sources throughout the world to continuously seek and employ strict recycling policies.

You can easily do your part for the environment too, you can:

  • Use a lower temperature wash which uses less energy
  • Wash garments regularly - don’t wait until the garments are filthy as washing a filthy garment requires more energy to clean
  • Use eco-friendly detergents
  • Discard the garment appropriately when it is worn out, not with other industrial/construction waste