EN 13034: Protective clothing against liquid chemicals - Limited protective performance

EN 13034 covers the lowest level of chemical protection intended to protect from a potential exposure to small quantities of spray or accidental low volume splashes of less hazardous chemicals against which a complete liquid permeation barrier (at a molecular level) is not required.

The following parameters are used:

  1. Type 6
    Type 6 suits protect at least the trunk and limbs (e.g. one-piece coveralls or two piece suits)
  2. Type PB[6]
    Partial body protection Type PB[6] cover and protect only specific parts of the body (e.g. Jackets, aprons,...)

As for the previously described Type 3 and Type 4 clothing, EN 13034 also refers to (partially different) test methods specified in EN 14325. For all requirements, except for liquid penetration and repellency, at least performance level 1 shall be obtained.

EN 14605: Protective clothing against liquid chemicals - With permeation resistance test

The following parameters are used:

  1. Type 3: Full body clothing, liquid tight connections
    supersedes EN 466:1995
  2. Type 4: Full body clothing, spray tight connections
    supersedes EN 465:1995
  3. Type PB[3] or PB[4]: Items providing protection to parts of the body only
    supersedes EN 467:1995