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Worksafe compliance with PPE

Worksafe compliance with PPE

12th August 2016

Wondering how to make your worksite compliant for a Worksafe audit?

PPE is one of many areas you can quickly improve your compliance on, to help bring your worksite up to speed with safety.

Worksafe can and do carry out random audits with little warning, and knowing your worksite is up to speed with PPE will make your team safer and help you to breathe easier!

PPE is ‎an obvious necessity in our workplaces these days, yet can still be overlooked. ‎Take a few tips from the following:

•                     Check out the standards on your garments - to be safe we suggest you request a certificate of compliance to the standards you require standards they're compliant to?

•                     For Hi-vis applications where you're using them at night/periods of darkness, are they compliant to Day/Night standards?

•                     Wearability of your PPE. Enforcing PPE can sometimes be hard-work, especially when garments aren’t comfortable and wearable or don’t look great. Select garments that your team will enjoy wearing because they’re comfortable to wear and they look great on!

And as Worksafe‎ says, "this is not just about compliance; it’s about getting people home healthy and safe. It’s not just good for your business, it’s the right thing to do".

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