Why is Safety Important?

Why is Safety Important?

7th July 2016

Safety is all about the people!

Health and safety isn’t really about all the laws and regulations, and neither should it be; the laws and regulations and compliance and non-compliance and fines are all you seem to hear about when the topic of health and safety comes up. But really, first and foremost, it's about looking after people.

A safe worksite means everyone, and I mean everyone, goes home healthy and safe at the end of the day to their families – that’s the builders, plumbers, sparkies, painters, delivery drivers, other contractors, the boss, the apprentice, the experienced guy, the newbie, visitors, and everyone in between.

Too many people in construction are getting hurt at work. 68 people died in construction between 2008 and 2014 and thousands more suffered serious injuries. This terrible number represents real people with real friends and family, and this is when the importance of safety really comes home to us. Workplace deaths and injuries take a terrible toll on our community.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Most workplace incidents are preventable with some planning and more forethought.

Safety is important so it is important that you understand how you can influence your safety and those that work alongside you. Check out some of these links:

-          Construction is one of New Zealand’s biggest industries with almost 200,000 workers and it’s also one of the four sectors with the worst worker injury rates, while worker fatalities are more than double the average for all other sectors. Review some of the tips for construction sites here: https://www.argyleperformanceworkwear.com/About-us/Latest-News/What-you-wear-to-work-in-construction

-          Be seen. See our blog and more info on hi-vis here: https://www.argyleperformanceworkwear.com/About-us/Latest-News/Wear-the-safest-hi-vis-workwear---what-clothing-to-wear-to-work

-          Do you understand the safety workwear and clothing standards applicable to you in your role? Check these out: https://www.argyleperformanceworkwear.com/About-us/Latest-News/Hi-vis-safety-workwear-and-safety-clothing-standards-in-NZ/

-          Construction workers risk exposure on a daily basis to potential harmful dusts, fumes and asbestos that can lead to serious ill-health or even an early death. There is lots of info about this on the Worksafe website www.worksafe.govt.nz


This information has been referenced from the Worksafe site and can be viewed on the following link: www.worksafe.govt.nz

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