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What to wear on a road work or NZTA site in NZ

What to wear on a road work or NZTA site in NZ

30th September 2016

What should I be wearing on a road work or NZTA site in New Zealand?

That’s a question we often come across when discussing the requirements of companies whose employees work on or alongside the road in NZ.

The short answer is that you need to comply with the NZTA Code of Practice. You may have also seen or heard this advertised as TTMC-W, which stands for Temporary Traffic Management Control – Wet.

This specifies the standard of safety garments that a worker must wear while working in or close to hazardous traffic areas. It states that each garment must include a certain area of fluorescent orange fabric, and a specific configuration of reflective tape. TTMC-W covers both the garment design and the hi-vis and reflective material.

There are a range of garments that you can wear on road work sites that do comply. These include Overalls, Vests, Shirts, Polo shirts, and Jackets. Unfortunately, it is a little confusing because there are some slight differences with what is specified for different garments.

Unsure if you garment actually complies? Here’s a simple list of things you can check on your garments:

·       Firstly, check and see it they have a label in the collar saying TTMC-W. Please note this must have the W.

·       The garments must be Orange in colour, not Yellow or any other hi-vis colour (unless you are the STMS).

·       Sleeves must be mostly Orange, with only a contrast colour below the point between the wrist and elbow

·       No gaps are allowed in the vertical strips of reflective tape

·       Vest, Shirts and Polo shirts must have the long tail (or bum flap), but not Jackets

·       If it is a sleeved garment, it must have 1 or 2 hoops of reflective tape on the sleeves, although two hoops are recommended.

·       You may also find this resource here very helpful:


If you’re still unsure, ask your supplier for a certificate of compliancy to TTMC-W. Manufacturers are required to test and certify their garments at an NZTA approved test lab.

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