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Wear the safest hi-vis workwear - what clothing to wear to work

Wear the safest hi-vis workwear - what clothing to wear to work

15th July 2016

When considering your PPE for any job, hi vis safety workwear should always be a huge priority. Although your Overalls, Vest, Shirt, Polo, Jacket, or Pants might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about PPE, your clothing or workwear is very important in keeping yourself safe at work.

The following are a few safety concepts to keep in mind when selecting hi-vis clothing to wear at work:

·         The larger the area of hi vis, the better! Simple - the more hi vis fabric and reflective tape on your garment, the more easily and more likely you will be seen. Non hi vis fabric is often used on hi vis garments, both for styling and for practicality, but not all of it is necessary so keep an eye on this detail when selecting your garments. TTMC-W garments are often considered the safest garments because they generally include the largest area of hi vis fabric and reflective tape.

·         Having two strips of reflective tape on the arms and legs of your work clothing means you’re more visible. AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 states that, “Recent research has shown that where a high visibility garment has sleeves or legs, or both, significant visual benefits can be obtained by adopting an optimum biomotion configuration of retroreflective strips on the sleeves and legs” (see Appendix B). This simply means that if you have a little bit more tape on your garments, you’ll more likely be seen at night, particularly on the arms and legs where your movements will be mostly noticed.

·         A hi vis “tail” on your garment. This is especially important when you have your back to potential harm (traffic) that may be headed your way. When bending over, often the hi vis fabric or tape on your garment will be unable to be seen by people approaching. A hi vis “tail” on your garment sorts this problem, enabling you to be seen when you have your back to potential harm. TTMC-W Vests, Polos and Shirts all have a long tail to comply with TTMC-W, along with many Day/Night garments including some Overalls. Consider this when selecting your hi vis garments.

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