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TWZ Lightweight TTMC-W Shirt

TWZ Lightweight TTMC-W Shirt

30th January 2013

This new TWZ lightweight shirt possesses the following qualities:

A combination of good breathability, low thermal resistance and good mechanical strength. TWZ lightweight clothing has been proven to provide superior protection without compromising  comfort, and is on its way to becoming the clothing of choice for roading and construction  workers across Australasia. 

The human body naturally sweats to cool the skin, reducing the ability of clothing to keep the body dry and comfortable. Conversely SUAVE® technology, utilising the natural qualities of the  cotton plant, will keep individuals comfortable by absorbing body moisture when too much is  created, and wicking it away from the skin. Skin protected from direct sunlight, with adequate air  movement, will remain cooler than skin that is exposed to direct UV rays.

The new TWZ Lightweight SUAVE® range has been developed to help reduce the discomfort  and heat stress that can be brought on by working in long-long protective equipment.

SUAVE® Fabrics continually absorb, wick away and release excess body moisture to balance  temperature and humidity build-up.


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