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New April Health and Safety law changes

New April Health and Safety law changes

16th June 2016

As of 4 April 2016, the new Health and Safety Bill (the Health and Safety at Work Act) has come into force in New Zealand.

This new Health and Safety at Work Act puts the onus squarely back on business owners, managers and company directors to ensure their staff are safe. These changes to the health and safety laws brings up the question of, are my staff wearing adequate and suitable Hi vis safety workwear and protective clothing at work?

Make sure your staff are complying to all necessary hi-vis standards by ensuring the safety clothing and workwear they are wearing at work complies to the following standards:

  1. AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 - This standard specifies the requirements for hi vis fabrics for safety garments

  2. AS/NZS 4602:1:2011 Day/Night, Day Only, or Night Only – This standard specifies the design of safety workwear in Day/Night, Day Only, and Night Only applications.

If your workers are working in or close to hazardous traffic areas such as roads, you will also need them to comply to:

  1. NZTA code of practice Temporary Traffic Management Control (TTMC-W) - The NZTA code of practice specifies the standard of safety clothing that a worker must wear while working in or close to hazardous traffic areas.

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