Vision and Mission


For Argyle to be the leading NZ supplier of Apparel and Footwear of the highest industry safety standarVision

Our valued clients will choose Argyle as their key partner for the safest and most trusted Apparel and Footwear solutions to blue collar workers. This will be achieved by giving uncompromised support and a guaranteed commitment to quality and continuous improvement.


Our mission is to to Protect and Enhance the Working Life of Everyone we Serve.

Argyle will develop and sell innovative Apparel and Footwear solutions to industries in Austra


•  Environment: We will educate our staff and encourage our customers to care for the environment.

•  Passion: We are passionate about our business, will take initiative beyond our job outlines to ‘make things happen’ and spread enthusiasm through our actions.

•  Teamwork: We will foster a collaborative work environment that will encourage staff members to share ideas and knowledge and be involved in making decisions that   advance our business objectives

•  Accountability: We will be accountable for our actions, learning from our failures and growing from our triumphs, not blaming circumstances or conditions.

•  Trust: We will be honest, trustworthy and respectful to all our customers, suppliers, and staff members alike.

•  Consistency: We strive to ensure every experience our stakeholders have is one of consistency and reliability.

•  Innovation: We will encourage creativity and open-minded thinking, be advocates and instruments of positive change and not be afraid to push the boundaries.

•  Empowerment: We will provide a challenging and rewarding work environment with excellent training to encourage personal and professional development.